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Grand Opening

[Grand Opening] 30 minutes more the server will be official. Have you downloaded the client yet? 📣📣📣???

✅Official rate as follows :
🎯Rate Xp: x4
🎯Rate Sp: x4 🎯
🎯Rate Adena: x2
🎯Rate Spoil: x2
🎯Rate Quest Drop: x4
🎯Rate Quest Reward XP: x2
🎯Rate Quest Reward SP: x2
🎯Rate Quest Reward Adena: x2
🎯Enchant Safe : +3 – Full Armor :+4
🎯Normal Scroll: 50% – Blessed Scroll: 60% (Enchant higher the rate will decrease)
🎯Added Buffer – Teleporter features on Community Board (ALT + B)
🎯Temporarily disable the sellbuff feature
🎯Achievement system will now display reward information

Website : click here
Fanpage :click here

Discord : click here


L2Spartan Team.

Dressme System

Usage: In the chat box, enter “.dressme”. A dialog box will open. This feature in addition to making your character more beautiful and cool, it also helps you to deceive the enemy in changing equipment during PvP. Items are constantly updated from premium versions such as Classic, Grand Crusade, Salvation …..

Weapon : Change the shape of your weapon to another weapon of the same type (such as sword – bow – spear)
Armor : Reshape your armor to look for other armor of the same type (like Heavy, Light, or Magic Armor)
Shield : Change the shape of your shield to a shape of another shield of the same type (like Shields and spell shields)
Remove visual effect : Delete skin in use.

Open Beta

Open Beta
⚔️Lineage 2 Interlude X4
⚔️ International community
⚔️ Website:
⚔️ Discord:
⚔️ No Custom Armors – Weapons

Hello dear community, Lineage II Spartan is a brand new project which promises a unique gameplay, we wont expatiate more than this, the only single thing you have to do to learn more about us is to join our Discord Server. We look forward for our server to open the gates for all of you out there. Best Regards !!!

Community Board (Alt +B)

The L2Spartan community board has many fascinating features waiting to be explored

Top: Homepage
Achievement: You complete the quests and you will get the common parts from this feature.
Region: You can view all regions information.
Clan: You can view the Clan information.
Ranking: You can view information about ratings.
Party Matching: You can view create and party invites.
Database: Like L2Wiki. You can search for all items and NPCs.





+ Swearing a hero player on hero voice, 2.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Swearing a non-hero player on hero voice, 3.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Using inappropriate language on hero voice in general, 3.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Flaming a GM Staff or using bad words regarding the “server” on hero voice, 4.000 minutes chat ban.



+ Flaming a GM Staff or using bad words regarding the server, 4.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Expressions like “Leaving Server,free items” or similar ones, 4.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Trading items on L2Spartan for an other server kind of chats, 4.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Impersonating of being GM in chat or pm. 4.000 minutes jail on all of your accounts.
+ Asking/Begging GM for items or services. 4.000 minutes jail on all of your accounts.



+ Scamming is a part of the game and GM’s will never take action in any kind of scam reports.
+ GM’s will NEVER recover your lost/stolen items.
+ GM’s will NEVER ask you your account password, be careful of NEVER giving your account details to anyone.
+ Sharing your Account has a 50% of you getting scammed in the future.
It’s a risk a user takes trusting his friend or friends and sharing his login details, but in most of the times it results on an empty character or change on the account password.
+ Using a private store to scam by selling an item for an unusual price or using wrong text in store’s description, 4.000 minutes jail.

Server Info


No need to register, at login will automatically create an account, change the password in the game.


  • x4 – Experience
  • x4 – Skill Points
  • x1 – Adena
  • x1 – Drop
  • x1 – Spoil
  • x1 – Manor
  •  x1 – Recipes Drop/Spoil
  •  x1 – Keymats Drop/Spoil
  •  x1 – Herbs
  • x1 – Seal Stones
  • x1 – Raid Boss Experience
  • x1 – Raid Boss Skill Points
  • x1 – Raid Boss Drop
  •  x1 – Epic Bosses Drop


  •  Safe Enchant: +3
  •  Max Enchant: +16
  • Normal Scroll Chance: 55%
  • Blessed Scroll Chance: 65%


  • Maximum Clients per PC: 2
  • Windows 10 Compatible
  • Retail buff duration (Dances/Songs/Summon Buffs duration is 1 minutes). → Dances/Songs/Summon Buffs duration for Premium Account users is 5 minutes
  • Offline Shops – YES
  • Retail Class Transfer Quests
  • Retail Geodata and Pathing System
  • Newbie Buff with a 10 minutes → Newbie Buff increases your HP/MP/CP regen +15%, Atk / Cast Spd +6%, Run Sps +4%
  • Retail Clan & Alliance System
  • Retail Monster/Raids Artificial Intelligence
  • Stackable Items (Spellbooks,Book of Giants,Lifestones,Enchant Scrolls & more)
  • Buff slots: 24 + 4
  • Skills learn like Offical
  • Automatic loot for monsters
  • Customized shift+click on Monsters revealing detailed stats and drops


  • Clean up the swamp of screams – Reward x2
  • Zero Hour – Quest reward reduced by 60%
  • Necromancer’s Request – Reward x2
  • An Ice Merchants Dream– Reward x2
  • Hot Springs quests for jewels – Requires Lv 76 & 3rd class
  • Exploration of Giant’s Cave 1 & 2 – Drop x2
  • Whisper of Dreams 1 & 2– Drop x2
  • Legacy of Insolence– Drop x2
  • Seekers of the Holy Grail– Drop x2
  • Guardians of the Holy Grail– Drop x2
  • 700 mobs 3rd class transfer – Drop x2 with party
  • Heart in search of Power – Drop x2
  • Stolen Dignity– Drop x2
  • Seductive whispers– Drop x2
  • Black Swan– Drop x2
  • Dangerous Seduction – Adena reward reduced by 50%
  • Delicious Top Choice Meat– Drop x2

Book Manager

Upon successful character creation and entering the world of Lineage II. You will be supported to add Book Manager (default F12), double click will bring up the window as shown below:

Stats: is the current parameter of your character, it shows all the details like Preium Duration – Premium Level, Crit dmg, crit rate, healing power, range v … v … Based on that we will select the appropriate item to achieve the index Desire for each class.
Vuln Stats: You can see the character’s resistance.
Menu: You can use User Panel for on/off EXP, Trade, PM, Animation Soulshots.
Dressme: Allows you to reshape armor, weapons and Shield.
Password: A tab for you to change your login password. The first time changing the password, it is required to create a secret code, which is easy to understand as a level 2 password. When changing a game login password, a secret code is required. Secret code can still be changed in Change Secret Code. If someone knows your login password without knowing the secret code, you can still get your acc back.
Premium System: You can view many Premiums here, each with different rates and different usage times.