Book Manager

Upon successful character creation and entering the world of Lineage II. You will be supported to add Book Manager (default F12), double click will bring up the window as shown below:

Stats: is the current parameter of your character, it shows all the details like Preium Duration – Premium Level, Crit dmg, crit rate, healing power, range v … v … Based on that we will select the appropriate item to achieve the index Desire for each class.
Vuln Stats: You can see the character’s resistance.
Menu: You can use User Panel for on/off EXP, Trade, PM, Animation Soulshots.
Dressme: Allows you to reshape armor, weapons and Shield.
Password: A tab for you to change your login password. The first time changing the password, it is required to create a secret code, which is easy to understand as a level 2 password. When changing a game login password, a secret code is required. Secret code can still be changed in Change Secret Code. If someone knows your login password without knowing the secret code, you can still get your acc back.
Premium System: You can view many Premiums here, each with different rates and different usage times.